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I'm a geologist or a geophysist, take your pick. I try to do interesting things (mostly in python) in my spare time. There's a hound dog and a banjo on my porch.

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For once, a short note on beer:

I’ve been living in Houston, TX for the past 3 years or so. I’m happy to say that the number of local breweries has expanded dramatically since the last time I lived in Houston. At that point, it was only St. Arnold’s, and while I love a lot of their beers, variety is a good thing. We have many more fine breweries in or near the city now, e.g. Buffalo Bayou, Karbach, No Label, Lone Pint, Southern Star, Texian, and several more I’m forgetting at the moment.

Typically, I like big malty and sticky beers. However, since moving to Texas, I don’t see as many of those as I did in Wisconsin (Real Ale’s Phoenix being a great exception to that rule, albeit from closer to Austin that Houston). I also love hops, but as much as I dearly love Lone Pint’s Yellow Rose, hot weather calls for something a bit more sessionable.

With that said, 8th Wonder has been the brewery filling my glass most often this summer.

They make a beer that I never thought I’d like from the description: Intellectuale – A “Witty Blonde”. It’s a hybrid wheat beer that’s a bit hard to describe. The description on their website calls it “somewhere between a Wit, a Blonde, and a Belgian Golden”. I suppose that’s accurate, but it doesn’t fully sum it up. It has a touch more body and hops than you’d think from reading the description, though it’s still quite light overall. At any rate, it’s an excellent 105 degree, late afternoon beer. I also have to give a shout out to Dome Faux’m, which is a collaboration of Moontower Inn and 8th Wonder. I’m always a fan of cream ales, and this one is particularly good. It’s another interesting-but-sessionable beer for hot summer days.

At any rate, if you haven’t tried 8th Wonder, and find yourself in Houston for some reason, give them a try. All of their beers are fantastic! I don’t think they bottle yet, so you’ll actually have to come to town. …Just maybe wait until December or March… August is a rather painful month to visit.